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How to Make Rice Milk and Horchata - CHOW Tip

Karen Solomon, author of Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It: And Other Kitchen Projects, shows us that a few pennies' worth of ingredients, a blender, and some patience are all you need to make your own creamy rice milk or horchata.
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If you've been buying rice milk in the cartons, you've been paying too much like a sucker. It's very easy to make your own at home with just a few pennies worth of ingredients. Soak one cup of long grain white rice in four cups of water overnight or at least eight hours. Pulverize it in your blender, at its highest speed, for two full minutes. Seriously, time it. And while it's blending, add four tablespoons of sugar or your favorite sweetener. Strain through a fine mesh strainer and serve. To give your rice milk a little more zing, let it soak with a cinnamon stick overnight to make your own Horchata. Include it in the blender as you're blending the rice and strain as normal.